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Sonic Extensions Nylon Sky [WiN, MacOSX]

Sonic Extensions Nylon Sky
Team Flare | 14 November 2021 | 9.27 GB
Ultimate Ambient Acoustic Guitar…
This inspiring Sonic Extension is based on the most expressive nylon guitar ever done for Omnisphere – but that’s just the beginning! Nylon Sky™ combines this extremely deep-sampled instrument with Omnisphere’s synthesis power and the gorgeous new Sky FX to create stunning ambient organic sounds. Authentic rhythmic Patches take full advantage of brand new innovative Arpeggiator features and transform your playing into unbelievably realistic strumming patterns. Nylon Sky will inspire for years to come!

  • From guitar sampling legend Bob Daspit
  • Exclusive new “Sky Verb” beautiful shimmer reverb effect!
  • Exclusive new “Sky Channel” Class-A channel strip effect!
  • Gorgeous hybrid ambient guitar sounds and organic textures
  • Realism control adds lifelike imperfections – breathing, noises
  • Easily mix between three mic channels – Tube, X/Y, Wide
  • Fingerstyle, Picked, and Flamenco performance styles
  • Muted, Tremolo, Harmonics, and other playing techniques
  • Extraordinary new Strumming feature with Humanity and Life!
  • Build your own strum patterns with new Arp step modifiers
  • Round Robins, Legato articulations, and much more…
  • Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

Once installed, use the R2R Spectrasonics KeyGen (not included) to re-authorize and use the library.

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  • Derbyshire
    14 November 2021 14:08
    • Used the FLARE 2.81 update (no patching required). Didn't need any keygen to install and use this library. Same applies to all the Sonic Extension libraries uploaded today (14th Nov).
      Great sounds BTW!
    14 November 2021 19:17
    • Hello, anyone with the following error ????

      "Unable to read expectd size from installation instruction file. Instruction file needs repair."


  • pma
    15 November 2021 00:49
    • Quote: Derbyshire
      Used the FLARE 2.81 update (no patching required). Didn't need any keygen to install and use this library. Same applies to all the Sonic Extension libraries uploaded today (14th Nov).
      Great sounds BTW!

      I installed after the unzipping but when I open the Omnisphere Interface, it wants to start the authorization process... What's going on, or what didn't I do correctly...??
  • inkredibeatz
    15 November 2021 01:37
    • Im getting an error code when I download this file.

      It says "Error code 3 using "unrar"
      CRC error occurred, maybe the file is corrupt"

      Did anybody get this to work? I cant even install it because its saying something is wrong with the file
  • Muffinguy
    15 November 2021 02:02
    • When install file is clicked on I get a small window "insert Specronics Extensions then press ok" and cant get past this unless I cancel. Happening with all the extensions. Any idea why?
  • Derbyshire
    15 November 2021 14:08
    • I'm using Windows 10. I only recently installed Omnisphere (2.5). I used the Team R2R Keygen on the initial install but I haven't used the keygen again. I have updated from 2.5 to 2.6, 2.7 and finally 2.8. This is the useful info which came with the keygen.

      "Choose a drive with plenty of room and make a folder called STEAM.
      Place the omnisphere.dll in there (from the earliest version).
      Run the DAW and set the STEAM folder as one of the locations to search for plug ins.
      Quit the DAW and then reopen it.
      Omnisphere should appear as a plug in inside the DAW. Open Omnisphere and you are presented with a challenge screen. Copy the password it offers.
      Quit the DAW and run the 'Spectrasonics Key Gen'. Paste the password in the space provided then click on 'patch'. Point the keygen at the STEAM folder and omnisphere.dll. It should say 'Patched'. Next click 'Generate' and a long pass word will appear, COPY IT.
      Re-open DAW, load Omnisphere and paste the code in the space provided as response.
      Quit the DAW and then reopen it and select Omnisphere again. It will say 'cannot locate STEAM folder'. Point it at the STEAM folder you created in the first instance.
      It will say 'Not a recognised STEAM folder' so now you have to put some files in the folder. Quit DAW.
      Copy the folder called Omnisphere and paste it in your STEAM folder.
      Open DAW and run Omnisphere. The first run will create othe neccessary files in the STEAM folder.
      Update to v2.5 and update the library using the installer. This will now create a stand alone version of Omnisphere as well.
      You will need to patch the dll again. The plug in one and the stand alone one. Use the Keygen again ensuring that no instances of Omnisphere are loaded. The plug in one is located in the STEAM folder you created and the stand alone one is located in C:/Program Data/Spectrasonics/plug-ins/64bit.
      Whenyou update to 2.7 you will need to patch both dll's again using the keygen.
      2.7 won't give you a password to copy so ensure no instance of Omnisphere are running, load the keygen and point it at one of the dll's. Do the same for the other dll. Just press 'Patch'.
      Update the 2.7 library".

      Hope it helps.
      My rar files for all 4 of the Sonic Extension libraries were not corrupt and extracted OK.
  • pma
    15 November 2021 15:51
    • Where do I locate the Team R2R Keygen...???
  • Derbyshire
    15 November 2021 16:09
    • Quote: pma
      Where do I locate the Team R2R Keygen...???

      Can't remember where I got it from unfortunately. Possibly Magesy blog or torrent from
  • Logically10
    18 November 2021 03:09
    • It works just fine on mac big sur. Just choose install omnisphere and it located my steam folder which is on an external drive.


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