DNB Academy Mat Zo Start To Finish Course [TUTORiAL]

DNB Academy Mat Zo Start To Finish Course
Team DECiBEL | 17 November 2021 | 2.65 GB
In this Start-To-Finish Course you will have the experience of sitting in the studio with Mat Zo through 9+ Hours of HD Video as he walks you through the creation process of a fully fledged professional Drum & Bass track with the genre-bending DNA.

All the way from the idea generation to the mixing, mastering and the last details.

Course Preview
01: Creating Drums (00:43:27)
Mat usually starts Drum & Bass tracks with the drums. In this video he shows you the sound design workflow behind creating kicks, snares, cymbals...

02: Creating Bass (00:39:27)
In this video creates a deep bass using Phaseplant. He covers advanced synthesis concepts and techniques and implements the sound by creating a bass sequence...

03: Loop Variations (01:19:49)
After creating a solid 16 Bar Loop, Mat Zo shows you how to morph a Drum & Bass drop into any genre that you want. He's known as a genre-less producer so he is the best to teach you loop variations...

04: Arrangements Part 1 (01:07:58)
After creating many loop variations Mat Zo shows you how to structure them in a logic way to build a story, create moments of tension and make the energy of the track flow...

... and more

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  • starmusic
    18 November 2021 12:24
    • Why is there only tutorial in the zip file, but no engineering and sample?


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