UVI Soundbank SweepMachine v1.0 [Synth Presets]

UVI Soundbank SweepMachine
P2P | 26 November 2021 | 58 MB
SweepMachine is a straight-forward yet versatile noise and sweep designer. Those looking for typical sweeps can make them in moments while those favoring deeper sound design will find complex, evolving noise beds and a near endless variety of combinations waiting to be explored through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Sound generation is expertly handled by way of 3 oscillators. Noise, sub and metal layers include 9 typical noise types, 24 metallic textures and a sub oscillator each with independent multimode filters and gain control. Oscillators can be used individually or easily layered to create thousands of variations.

Create sweeps instantly with freely defined length up to 16 bars. Set ramp shape up, down or up and down. Adjustable curve control lets you change the ramp slope while a fully manual modwheel mode lets you freely play the oscillators with your controllers modwheel.

An LFO, flanger, delay and reverb provide even more creative options, expanding possibilities for shape and texture.
Equally suited for both typical and avant-garde uses, SweepMachine is a versatile instrument priced to find a home in any sound design toolbox.

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Cinematic, Ambient or ChillOut


  • marco
    27 November 2021 13:15
    • where do you put the keygene ??
      Keep telling me don't find license.... help

      On Mac system guys..........
  • Derbyshire
    27 November 2021 19:16
    • Quote: marco
      where do you put the keygene ??
      Keep telling me don't find license.... help

      On Mac system guys..........

      The licence file contained in the R2R folder can only be used after installing the R2R Emulator. On windows I have stored all the soundbanks in one folder (external drive). The R2R licences go into the folder located at %PROGRAMDATA%\UVI\R2R on Windows.
      I'm sorry I don't know what the equivalent folder would be on Mac.

      The whole process only works with the latest R2R version of Falcon 2.5.3 and the R2R emulator which were only released 3 days ago. I haven't seen a Mac version available.
  • marco
    28 November 2021 10:42
    • Ok Thank you ! love_this sorry


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