Reason RE Propellerhead Layers Wave Edition v1.0.0 [WiN]

Reason RE Propellerhead Layers Wave Edition
Team DECiBEL | 14 December 2021 | 350.3 MB
Add the legendary Waldorf Wave synthesizer to your Reason Rack. Layers Wave Edition brings you the sound of the mighty Waldorf Wave in a modern, easy to use and abuse package.

Four layers of unique samples from the Waldorf Wave combined with effects, unique sequencing capabilties and comprehensive modulation adds up to a powerful performance instrument, ready to evoke the futuristic sounds of a bygone era.

Layers Wave Edition comes packed with hundreds of inspiration-inducing presets crafted by leading sound designers. But the straightforward user interface and top-notch sample-set also invites you to experiment on your own and create sounds from scratch that sound just the way you want them to. Synthetic, evolving, dreamy, soft or rock hard - Layers Wave Edition has you covered.

About the Waldorf Wave
The Waldorf Wave premiered in the early 90s as the most advanced wavetable synthesizer to date. Despite its deep synthesis features, it was remarkably easy to use with its generous offering of knobs, buttons and faders to tweak just about every parameter it had to offer. A truly digital instrument, it still featured a set of analog filters that gave it a warmer sound than what is normally associated with Wavetable instruments. It was found in many well-funded studios of the era since the initial price was close to $10 000. The list of users include a roster of the 90s big electronic producers such as Depeche Mode, Björk, Leftfield, The Orb, Hans Zimmer and many more.

- 4 layers of unique samples from the Waldorf Wave
- Creative step sequencer
- Great patch library from expert sound designers

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