Reason RE Unfiltered Audio Renoun Reverb v1.1.6 [WiN]

Reason RE Unfiltered Audio Renoun Reverb
Team DECiBEL | 15 January 2022 | 35.3 MB
Renoun is a Reverb that goes beyond simple reverberation. Deep modulation options and full CV control result in a rack that will make your tracks stand out in ways you've never expected.

Use it as a room simulator, a tremolo, a pseudo-FM synthesizer, a distortion unit... we're still finding new uses for it!

Renoun 1.1 adds input/output meters, knob value displays, and an improved preset display!

- Classic algorithmic reverb with modern twists

Unfiltered Audio is proud to present their first Rack Extension: Renoun Modulating Reverb!

Renoun is an algorithmic reverb modeled after a renowned reverb well-known in the lexicon of modern music production. We've taken the algorithm, and added a modulation section that goes up to 11.

Renoun's modulation makes it capable of effects from detuned, warbly keys to FM-style drum tones. Of course, if you simply want an excellent room sound, you can turn off the modulation section and get that classic blue-box sound! To get you started, Renoun comes with a selection of presets sorted by recommended instrument.

To top it off, in true Unfiltered Audio fashion, we've added CV modulation to every parameter. Because of this, Renoun can be used for many effects other than reverb:
-Modulating the volume gives you a colored tremolo sound.
-Heavy modulation on the color section can provide you with mild, pleasant distortion.
-Moving the predelay will act as a pitch-shifter.
- And many, many more possible combinations...

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