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Wavegrove Maji+ v1.1.1 [WiN, MacOSX]

Wavegrove Maji+
P2P | 04 April 2022 | 16.58 MB
Maji+ is a plugin based on rules derived from physics. The Plus variant adds frequency controls for the EQ bands and gives value readouts and the ability to enter values via them. The threshold is also modified to be smoother and more usable.

Maji+ is reminiscent of pushing a transformer to and over its limits, creating a natural sort of compression, but without attack or release. Processing can be done in either STEREO or MID-SIDE, and the amount of processing can be limited to either of the to channels (L/R, or M/S) with the BALANCE knob, if necessary.

There are also two bands of EQ, for the top and low ends. The top end one is especially useful in adding smooth highs, or removing harshness, while leaving a good amount of sizzle and action up there. I have separated the COMPRESSION and the HARMONICS. A THRESHOLD knob is present to let you decide if you want to affect low volume material with compression, or keep the effect just in the louder parts.

FORCE is there to give more control to the harmonics, allowing you to control the fine structure and harmonic. A BIAS setting is also included for the harmonics, which affects the waveform in a way that changes the generated harmonic structure from 3rds to include 2nd harmonics as well, and while on a spectrum analyser the different ends of the control seem similar the waveform itself is skewed differently.

An OUTPUT GAIN control is also added for additional tweakability and level matching. To help you further with matching the level, you can use the DELTA button on the lower right, where there is also a control for the general OVERSAMPLING of the plugin, ranging all the way from 4x to 16x.

Plugin in various formats:

- Mac AU, VST3
- Windows VST, VST3

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