Gospel Musicians Jamal's Flash (Converted From MOXF To XF) [X6G, X3A]

Gospel Musicians Jamal's Flash (Converted From MOXF To XF)
P2P | 04 May 2022 | 424.11 MB
Imagine having all of Jamal's famous sounds and samples stored in one keyboard to use for live church service or a gig. This is the absolute ultimate end all be all soundset for your Yamaha Workstation. We packed into a single 1GB size, everything a musician would want and need for the majority of your playing needs. For Motif XF and MOXF users, the entire 1GB Flash RAM from Yamaha is required and two 512MB boards will not work.

A-Piano and Kawai EX from AcousticsampleS
Power and Jazz Grand (XF/MOXF/XS Only)
Legendary Neo-Soul Keys Suitcase
Neo-Soul Keys Dirty Stage
Neo-Soul Keys Wurli
The enfamous EX5 EP sound
MKS Piano 1, Piano 2, EP1, and EP 2
Phattest Synth Brass sounds especially designed for shouting
Hubo Bass Synth
Pure Sine Stacks

Note: This is a CONVERTED version (with version 2.0 of Melas' Motif Waveform Editor) of the MOXF release you can find on Audiolove. Unfortunately I can't really tell if the conversion worked 100% and the arpeggio files for the MOXF can't be converted to the XF format but I included them for completeness. Please note that you NEED a 1GB Flash Module to load the library.

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