Udemy Writing Ballads in 7 Easy Steps [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Writing Ballads in 7 Easy Steps
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If you have ever wished that you could pen a song down, or come up with your own melody then this easy course is tailored to you.

If you have every felt that you have something to say but that it needed to be said through music or in a poem, rather than just plain vernacular – then I am inviting you to join me, Franco Bello, as we explore your creative journey together through this short basic course in

  • Songwriting – An Introduction
  • Objective
  • This course is about guiding you to write a solid lyric set, and combine it with effective melody and harmony patterns.
  • Audience

If you are interested in understanding how ballads work, and the mechanics beneath the surface, the natural flow of having an idea evolve into a full ballad - then this course is for you. Also, if you want to try your hand at writing a song – just for the fun of it – then I will take you there in these seven easy steps. Join me for a fun, engaging journey together as we explore your creative self in terms of writing your very own ballad.

At the end of this short course you will have –

= created your own lyric set about a theme/topic of your own choice,

= attached melodic lines to your lyric lines

= combined your melodic lines with your pre-composed harmonic patterns

= structured your song in a skilful manner that creates expectation and resolve as the song progresses

*BONUS – I include some basic piano backing tracks already structured in the method that will be exemplified in the course. This should serve as easy canvases for you to compose your own songs without the pressure of having to come up with harmonic progressions that flow seamlessly into each other from verse to chorus to bridge, etc.

For each of us being creative is something that we either love or feel quite nervous about. For musicians, often many of us feel that we are just performers, and we leave the creative process to other more talented, naturally creative artists. And sometimes as creative artists we feel that our song writing has become stale and that we need some fresh ideas or just a solid reminder again of various harmonic options available to our creative process.

The intention of this course is to create a safe space wherein you can explore your creative side and see where it leads.

As you create your lyric set, we will match it to a backing track to ensure you are in sync with it in terms of rhythm and rhyme. At this point you can either use a free instrumental track (select one option from the Bonus Section, or peruse YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) or you could also join me for 1-on-1 coaching and we can use the basics of GarageBand that I will show you in these sessions and that will assist with a few basic harmonies that you can use, if you wish.

Join me now as we explore your own hidden creative self that can serve you so well in many other aspects of your life. As our lives become more focused on survival, being connected to our creativity can really and truly push our abilities through the ceiling into thriving and imagining a better life for ourselves and our families. And what is songwriting but one form of creative playfulness?

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