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M4L Valiumdupeuple LoadeR v1.1 [Max for Live]

M4L Valiumdupeuple LoadeR
P2P | 13 May 2022 | 340 KB
Ever wanted to quickly insert an Eq8, an Operator, an LFO or even a VST from a keyboard shortcut, a midi controller, or a touchscreen thing? That's what LoadeR's for!

Unlike other similar M4L devices, you don't need any extra setup or script or grouping devices (only VST2 plugins need to be grouped/racked - no need to rack AU/VST3 though since they can be saved as .aupreset/.vstpreset files which are recognized by LoadeR) to be able to quickly load your favorite devices into the selected track without ever opening Live's Browser... just press the shortcut you assigned to a device!

You can simultaneously use as many instances as you want, so you're not limited to the 12 slots of a single instance.

LoadeR also works with Mira/MiraWeb (with the included LoadeR Mira version) so you can use your touchscreen thing too!
Live9/10/11 with Max8 required.

The device use 0% CPU.

You need Mira installed on your iPad to run LoadeR Mira, or use MiraWeb on any other devices (instructions in the User Guide).

Secret: you can even load audio/midi clips with it ;-)

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