Udemy Easy Bluegrass Guitar Learn: You Are My Sunshine [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Easy Bluegrass Guitar Learn: You Are My Sunshine
P2P | 26 May 2022 | 750 MB
Learn by playing. This is a beginner course for guitar sing-a-long using You Are My Sunshine as an example of how singing in a group works when you are new to the process.

We look at playing guitar as a group project. You're going to jam with others at some point, either other musicians or singers, so why not start out thinking about that?

We start out with the basics. What is the strum, what is a chord, how do chords work together to make a key.

We also look at song structure, what is a verse, a chorus, a break. What are intros and how do you do them?

What are outros and how do you work them in? What about doing a lead guitar break if you are a beginner? It's all in this class.

There are some secret guitar tricks along the way and wisdom from years of playing. The important thing is to get it and do it.

This class makes that easy because no tabs or music notation is used. We do use diagrams showing the neck of the guitar and where your fingers go. And, we show how to play the song.

We teach the things that other teachers forget to teach.

What you'll learn
  • Understand the process of identifying the chords used in a particular musical key. In this case, we will be learning a song in the "Key of D"
  • Student will learn 4 major guitar hacks that will speed the learning process, outside of music theory.
  • Student will understand proper song structure such as intros, outros, verses, bridges, chorus, lead breaks and how the music and lyrics work together.
  • Not only will the student understand the chords and structure of the song, a lead guitar solo is presented, note for note, without tabs or music notation.

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