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Fluffy Audio Jazz Bass [KONTAKT]

Fluffy Audio Jazz Bass
P2P | 01 July 2022 | 4.96 GB
Jazz Bass is a completely new take on our set of instruments dedicated to Jazz Music.
Expanding the concepts we’ve introduced with Simple Jazz Bass, we decided to make a more deep-sampled instrument that covers every nuance of the instrument, sampled in a professional studio and with up to 5 different microphone positions.

The instrument features 4 articulations: Pizzicato, Pizzicato Vibrato, Legato and Glissando.

Moreover, we sampled two “special” articulations:
Slap, very useful for bluesy, percussive passages and rockabilly;
Ghost Notes, like slap notes, ghost notes are mostly used to give groove to the bass line.

Jazz Bass is available now and it is also part of the Jazz Trio Bundle along with Scoring Piano and Jazz Drums – Brushes.

Important! Please notice that Simple Jazz Bass and Jazz Bass are completely different products!


  • 6.0 GB .ncw compressed sample pool
  • Deep-sampled from pianissimo to sforzato
  • 5 different microphone positions
  • 4 articulations + 2 special articulations
  • Custom patches
  • Different mix presets
  • Release volume control
  • 12 IR reverb impulses

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