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Krotos Gun Foley SFX Library [WAV]

Krotos Gun Foley SFX Library
P2P | 04 August 2022 | 73 MB
The sounds in-between the shots are just as important as the gunshots themselves, and the Gun Foley Library makes sure that all these incidental sounds are covered. The library features magazine, triggers, barrels, bolts, clips and more to aid in making your gun sound designs more realistic, powerful and immersive.

Keywords: AK47, Foley, CZ75, beretta, dragunov, GPMG, HK416, M4, M16, MAC10, MINIME, MP5, spas, winchester, assault rifle, pistol, sniper, rifle, machine gun, submachine gun.

Product details:

96/192khz High-Quality Wav Files
178 Sounds
100% Royalty Free

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