Udemy The Ultimate Online Singing Course [TUTORiAL]

Udemy The Ultimate Online Singing Course
P2P | 10 August 2022 | 20.44 GB
The Ultimate Online Singing Course is for all skill levels and styles of singing!

You won’t need to search any further as every thing you need to know about singing is contained in these courses!

In 1993 your instructor Peter Vox started Vox Singing Academy in Melbourne, Australia and became a full-time professional singing teacher.

Over the years Peter and his team consistently provided the highest quality singing lessons to thousands of singers.

With many obtaining major label recording and performance contracts! .

Now YOU can receive the same high quality singing lessons on any device, any where, any time!

Along with other qualified female teachers we will guide you every step of the way through these fun & easy to follow courses. Designed for males and females, children to seniors or all modern styles of singing.

You will have access to all 4 courses, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro which will enable you to start at your skill level and progress at your pace.

You will hear and feel a vast improvement in your voice if you follow the courses instructions.

So come and unlock your full singing potential now along with thousands of others that have improve their singing abilities with Vox Singing Academy's Ultimate Online Singing Course.

What you'll learn

  • All courses are designed for all modern styles of singing, e.g Pop, Hip-hop & Rap, Rock/Hard Rock, R&B, Acoustic, Folk, Theatre & Mor
  • Every thing you need to know about singing are in these courses! Can done anywhere, any time!
  • For all skill levels! Beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro starting levels designed for males & females, children to seniors, beginners to pros.
  • Also learn how to rehearse & prepare before a performance, crowd interaction; microphone technique and stage presentation, how to overcome performance anxiety!
  • Improve your overall well-being,health and fitness & most importantly develop the confidence to sing in front of other people and have fun doing it.
  • You will hear & feel a vast improvement in 3 weeks if you follow the courses instructions.
  • Improve your vocal tone, confidence, vocal range, breathing, pitch, stamina, strength, technique, control, harmonies, vocal health, stage presentation.
  • A more convenient, fun, easy and fast way to learn to sing.

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