Udemy Learn How To Mix Electronic Dance Music With Free Plugins [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Learn How To Mix Electronic Dance Music With Free Plugins
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Acquire the Skills you Need to Mix an Electronic Dance Music Track from Start to Finish, on any DAW with Free Plugins.

What you'll learn

How to Mix Electronic Music on Any Audio Platform
How to Tune Your Drum
Mixing Tips and Tricks
How to Clean Up Your Sound
Fix Clashing Frequencies
Set Up Your Listening Environment
Organize and Optimize Your Projects
Optimize Your Audio Quality
The Theory Behind a Good Balanced Mix
How to Manage the Stereo Image
How To Set a Compressor
Parallel and Side-Chain Compression
How to Mix a Track from Mmmm to Whoa!
How to Avoid Common Mixing Mistakes
How to Use Your Ears
Obtain Great Audio With Free Plugins
The Audio Compression Theory


Your Preferred DAW to Follow the Course
A Couple of Good Monitors or Headphones to Listen to All Nuance
An Audio Card With at Least 1 Stereo Out
A Computer with an Internet Connection
Basic Music Productions Skills are preferred


Would you like to know how to Get the Best from your recordings?Do you want to understand how to Mix Like a PRO?Would you like to transform your rough mix into a Great-Sounding track?All with FREE plugins?If the answer is YES, this course is absolutely for YOU!Hello and welcome to Learn How to Mix Electronic Music Course where you will learn all the skills you need to Mix an Electronic Dance Music track from start to finish on any DAW with Free Plugins.My name is Max Porcelli and I'm a Steinberg Certified Trainer, DJ Producer, and owner of 989 Records.I've been teaching Electronic Music Production for 20 years now and I'm also the creator of some Bestselling and Top Rated courses you can find on this platform, with thousands of students and hundreds of 5 stars ratings. Learn How to Mix Electronic Dance Music With Free Plugins is a course suitable for producers of all levels, where I will guide you through every single step of the mixing process. Everything is explained with easy words, practical examples, assignments, quizzes, and FREE plugins you can your on your projects.Enrolling in this course, you will be also entitled to download all the audio tracks for the project we will use during this course. You will be then able to reproduce all the mixing examples in Your Studio no matter the DAW you use. This is the best way to learn how to mix like a PRO and how to use your ears.Plus, Smart Video Editing with great Zoom and captions will allow you to follow the course even from your smartphone, very easily, wherever you are.So if you like to produce House, Deep House, Tech, or any other EDM Music Genre, this course is absolutely for you.And now, some of the things you will learn in this course includeThe Analog and Digital Audio TheoryHow to Set Up Your Listening EnvironmentHow to Tune your DrumsHow to use a Spectrum Analyzer and Read MetersHow to Clean Up Your Mix with Advanced EQ TechniquesHow to fix Fix Clashing Frequencies How to Manage the Stereo Image and EffectsHow to Use CompressorsParallel and Side-Chain CompressionHow to Obtain Great Sounding Mixes With Free PluginsHow to use your EarsAn Ear Training Section, Quizzes, and Much MoreAnd, what about if you have any questions or troubles? No worries.You can always use the Q&A course board to raise your questions. Fast and comprehensive responses are included in your course.100% Answer Rate! Every single question posted to this class is answered within 24 hours by the instructor.Plus, lifetime access and a Udemy 30 days money-back guarantee So go ahead and click the add to cart button to enroll in the course.Start Learning How to Mix like a PRO Right Now.I'll see you aboard!


Section 1: Everything You Need For This Course

  • Lecture 1 Welcome to This Course
  • Lecture 2 Download Project Files
  • Lecture 3 Plugin Download List

Section 2: General Introduction and Definitions

  • Lecture 4 Differences Between the Mixing and Mastering Processes
  • Lecture 5 Digital Audio
  • Lecture 6 Digital File Formats
  • Lecture 7 Analog Audio
  • Lecture 8 How To Read Meters - Decibel, dBFS, dBVU, Peak Definitions
  • Lecture 9 How To Read Meters - RMS, Crest Factor, Dynamic Range, Loudness Definitions
  • Lecture 10 Gain Staging and Headroom Definitions
  • Lecture 11 Calibrate Your Meter (MOscillator)
  • Lecture 12 Import Tracks and Gain Staging (optional Blue Cat Gain)

Section 3: Prepare The Project

  • Lecture 13 Create Your Reference
  • Lecture 14 Tracks Ordering With Color Scheme
  • Lecture 15 Tracks Grouping

Section 4: Understand and Treat Your Listening Environment

  • Lecture 16 The Listening Environment Intro (Trust Your Mix)
  • Lecture 17 The Listening Environment - Early Reflections
  • Lecture 18 The Listening Environment - Modes and SBIR
  • Lecture 19 How to Place Your Monitors
  • Lecture 20 Calibrate Your Speakers
  • Lecture 21 Note About Speaker Calibration Software
  • Lecture 22 Headphones Vs. Ear Buddies
  • Lecture 23 How to Build Your Own Absorption Panels

Section 5: Drum Tuning

  • Lecture 24 A Good Starting Point
  • Lecture 25 Drum Tuning Theory
  • Lecture 26 The Perfect Kick
  • Lecture 27 Span Introduction
  • Lecture 28 Kick Drum Tuning
  • Lecture 29 Bass Tuning
  • Lecture 30 Drum Tuning Made Easy
  • Lecture 31 Just a Little Note

Section 6: Cleaning Up The Mix - Theory

  • Lecture 32 Parametric EQ intro
  • Lecture 33 Yin Yang Effect
  • Lecture 34 Fighting Instruments
  • Lecture 35 Finding Masking Freqs With Span
  • Lecture 36 The Pink Noise Theory

Section 7: Cleaning Up The Mix - Practice

  • Lecture 37 Cleaning up the Ride
  • Lecture 38 Cleaning Up The Crash
  • Lecture 39 Creating Space for the Kick
  • Lecture 40 Cleaning Up The 989 Open Hat
  • Lecture 41 More About the Electronic Kick Drum
  • Lecture 42 Treating the Kick Drum
  • Lecture 43 Clap With Passion Part 1
  • Lecture 44 Clap With Passion Part 2
  • Lecture 45 Clap With Passion Part 3 + Gate
  • Lecture 46 How Would You Treat the Open Hat?
  • Lecture 47 Here's How I would Treat it
  • Lecture 48 Open with Passion Part 2
  • Lecture 49 Cleaning Up the Closed Hat
  • Lecture 50 Treating the Closed Hat Add
  • Lecture 51 Treating the Vocal Sample
  • Lecture 52 How To Make Better Vocals
  • Lecture 53 Cleaning The Strings
  • Lecture 54 Last Cleanings With The Sweep Technique

Section 8: General Balance and Stereo Management

  • Lecture 55 Stereo and Mono Explained
  • Lecture 56 How to Create Stereo
  • Lecture 57 Other Mixing Suggestions
  • Lecture 58 How to Avoid Loss of Objectivity
  • Lecture 59 General Balancing and Summing Units
  • Lecture 60 The 3 dB Trick (Resources to Download)
  • Lecture 61 Spectral Curve Comparison
  • Lecture 62 Kick and Bass Separation
  • Lecture 63 Stereo Image and Rules of Panning
  • Lecture 64 Controlling the Kick Add Image
  • Lecture 65 Final Stereo Check

Section 9: The Dynamic Processing: Compressors Theory

  • Lecture 66 Dynamic Processing Intro
  • Lecture 67 Compression Goals
  • Lecture 68 Compressor Controls

Section 10: Compression Basics - How to Set a Compressor

  • Lecture 69 How To Set a Compressor - Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio and Gain
  • Lecture 70 How To Set a Compressor - The Attack Time

Section 11: Other Compression Techniques

  • Lecture 71 The Side Chain Compression
  • Lecture 72 How to Get a Fat Kick
  • Lecture 73 Add a Transient Shaper
  • Lecture 74 Kick Drum Compression and EQ
  • Lecture 75 Parallel Compression on Drums
  • Lecture 76 Parallel Distortion on Bass
  • Lecture 77 Parallel Compression on Instruments
  • Lecture 78 Master Fader Compression
  • Lecture 79 Master Fader Compression Side Chain Technique

Section 12: Adding Space and Depth

  • Lecture 80 Stereo Management Intro
  • Lecture 81 Create an Aux Track
  • Lecture 82 Reverb on Synths
  • Lecture 83 Reverb on Vocal
  • Lecture 84 Slap Back Delay Alternative
  • Lecture 85 Space on Percussions
  • Lecture 86 Space on Click Beat

Section 13: Final Check

  • Lecture 87 Check Again Groups Low End
  • Lecture 88 Resonances on Master Buss
  • Lecture 89 Reading Levels
  • Lecture 90 Mix Comparisons
  • Lecture 91 Mixing Steps Recap

Section 14: Ear Training Exercises (Optional Section)

  • Lecture 92 Welcome to The Ear Training Section
  • Lecture 93 Ear Training - Resonances on the Groove Part II
  • Lecture 94 Ear Training - Vocal Masking Corrections
  • Lecture 95 Ear Training - Resonances on the Groove Part I
  • Lecture 96 Ear Training - Resonances on Vocal Track

Section 15: Bonus Lecture

  • Lecture 97 Course Rating and Feedback
  • Lecture 98 Bonus Lecture

Beginner and Intermediate Electronic Music Producers,Anyone Interested to learn Basic and Advanced Mixing Techniques,Beginners Who Want to Learn More About Compression and Effects,Intermediate Producers Who Want to Get the Best From Their Mixes,Anyone who wants to learn How To Clean Recordings With EQ,All Producers Who Want to Bring Their Music from Good to Great,Anyone Interested to learn some Acoustic Basics

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