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Fluffy Audio Simple Opera Singer [KONTAKT]

Fluffy Audio Simple Opera Singer
P2P | 18 November 2022 | 1.92 GB
Ji Min Oh is one of those singers who has made an instrument out of her voice: from the softest, most delicate nuances to the clearest fortissimo, her timbre is clean, precise, powerful, and yet expressive and moving. Therefore, after the session – when we sampled her for Spaghetti Western – we thought to extend the sampling with a unique legato articulation with syllables and quasi-words to make the most out of her remarkable lyrical voice.

Compared with the Opera Singer made for Spaghetti Western, Simple Opera Singer features one more microphone position and a special articulation called “words legato”, which triggers random syllables to make the line “singing” (…a kind of Italian / German grammelot, although the lyrics are meaningless the results are impressive!).


2.0 GB .ncw compressed sample pool
3 different instruments: Normal Legato (MW Dyn), Fast Legato (MW Dyn) and Legato Control (MW Legato Speed)
True Legato with full sustained note after legato
3 different microphone positions
3 articulations (Words Legato articulation not present in Spaghetti Western)
2+ octaves note range (G2 > C5)
Release volume control
12 IR reverb impulses

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