Udemy Ultimate Ear Training What You Hear-Aural Develop [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Ultimate Ear Training What You Hear-Aural Develop
P2P | 25 November 2022 | 3.55 GB
Improve your Aural skills, ear training, how music theory helps our ear, rhythm, melody and harmony exercises.

What you'll learn

Improve aural skills, ear training, discover what you hear
Music education.


Basic knowledge of music theory
Be able to read music


Many times in music we say that “he has a good ear”, meaning that someone can listen to a melody or a song and find out the notes that he listens to.How many times has happened to listen to a song and want to play it on your instrument? And then start searching on the internet to find it? And many times this search may not have a good result…For you that play music you say that someone has a good ear or another guy doesn't. This happens for all of our talents, one talent to be better than another. It can happen to someone to have a good ability to hear and find out what he hears.We'll give the tools to guide our ears to understand the context of what we hear. Using our theory knowledge we can find ways to approach this.We'll pass through the 3 elements of music that we must learn to hear.Rhythm, melody and harmony, and we'll see step by step how we can decode them.I always say to my students that knowledge is the most important tool to move on, but practice will give strength to knowledge and will take us forward and improve us.

Who this course is for
Students of music in every instrument,Beginner to intermediate

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