Harderclass D-Sturb Masterclass 2020 [TUTORiAL]

Harderclass D-Sturb Masterclass 2020
P2P | 03 December 2022 | 2.58 GB
In this Masterclass you will sit in the studio next to D-Sturb and have him explain to you exactly how he approaches music production. If you are struggling with making Hardstyle Kicks, this class is meant for you. Jorrit will show you how to make a new kick from scratch guiding you through every step of the process of doing this. Plus you will learn how to make and layer leads and chords to create a full and fat sounding Hardstyle chord progression. Additionally D-sturb will show you how to master your tracks and will go into how to come up with ideas for your tracks, how to deal with tracks that are not working and how to make sure you finish your tracks.

Topics covered in this Masterclass
  • Making Kicks from scratch
  • Kick FX
  • Kick Rolls
  • Using Clip Distortion
  • Using EQ
  • Layering Kicks
  • Kick Punch
  • Kick filter effect
  • Fills & FX
  • Mastering
  • Making the Chords
  • Making the Bassline
  • Making the Melody
  • Chords
  • Leads
  • Layering Synths
  • Designing and choosing the right Synths
  • Distortion
  • EQing
  • How to get ideas for a new track
  • How to deal with tracks not working out
  • How to approach finishing a track

Included resources in this Masterclass
  • D-Sturb Samples
  • D-Sturb Presets
  • Personal message from D-Sturb

DAW: Logic Pro

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