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Spectrasonics Trilian Factory Library v1.6 (STEAM)

Spectrasonics Trilian Factory Library
P2P | 09 February 2023 | 33.18 GB
With its comprehensive design, our Trilian Total Bass Module® brings many different types of Bass together into one extraordinary-sounding virtual instrument. Trilian has long been recognized as the most versatile bass virtual instrument available and has become an industry standard. Whether you need production ready sounds or prefer to carefully craft your own tones, Trilian is the ultimate bass tool for serious producers.

Distribution content:
STEAM folder with Trilian FACTORY LIBRARY
Trilian Soundsources v1.0.1
Trilian Patches v1.6.0c


Instructions for those who do not have Omnisphere or Keyscape installed in the system:

1. It is recommended to place the Spectrasonics folder from the distribution in the root of the disk (for example, D:, E:, etc.).
The Russian language and also other languages, unlike English, are unacceptable to use!
You don't need to do this: D:\Synthesizers\Spectrasonics, E:\Music Software\Spectrasonics, etc.

2. Download and install Trilian

3. Run Trilian as an administrator and point it to the STEAM folder. In all the notifications that appear next, click OK. Restart Trilian after the last notification

Instructions for those who have Omnisphere or Keyscape installed in the system:

1. Place the Trilian folder from the distribution in the STEAM folder next to Omnisphere or Keyscape or combined

2. Download and install Trilian

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