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Blinksonic CATALIZ° v1.0.1 [Reaktor]

Blinksonic CATALIZ°
P2P | 25 February 2023 | 1.08 GB
CATALIZ° – Playable Granular Synth & Beatlooper.

-> Splice and dice over samples ! Slide the cursor over the pad and travel/scan inside waveform's micro formants or even jump over different slices… CATALIZ offers a refreshed approach to produce playable harmonics and beats or creative sound design, giving birth to unusual textures and never heard sounds patterns.

-> Enhance the granular stream with a Modal Filter and a Resochord for a more physical acoustic rendering of the sound. Less crunchy, totally spectral.

-> Skip from 5 different samples on each incoming gate event with the Random and Forward mode in order to push morphing effects between sounds on your preset parameters.

-> A perfect device for sound designers, composers and music producersthat comes with 1,84 Giga of sounds form of all kind ( pads, beats, slices, noises, voices, field recordings.. ) distributed in 9 banks.

-> An impressive collection of 500 presets which explore the various instrument scope (drones, atmos, cinematic soundscapes, SFX, whooshes, timbres and even rhythmics ).


– A MAC or a PC with a FULL version of Reaktor 6.2.2 (CAUTION : the .ens is not encrypted for Reaktor Player) – A screen resolution with a minimum of 1920 x 1200 megapixel for a full display on screen. You need a full version of REAKTOR 6

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  • nick_b
    28 February 2023 14:47
    • you also need the 11Gb Reaktor user lib otherwise after 30 min Reaktor switch to demo mode

      Quote: nick_b
      you also need the 11Gb Reaktor user lib otherwise after 30 min Reaktor switch to demo mode

      It is the old user lib from 2017 on audiolove and it is not compatible with 6.43.
      So still in demo help sorry negative wow stop

      peace Not on audiolove but got an older V 6.30 Reaktor and that is working now 15 min already. I think this one will still working after 30 min

      The usage data is on (default) . So File preferences Usage data turn that F**k to off!!!!


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