SkillShare Mastering Sound Design How to Build Better Soundscapes for Your Video [TUTORiAL]

SkillShare Mastering Sound Design How to Build Better Soundscapes for Your Video
P2P | 27 February 2023 | 387.51 MB
Creating an incredible video montage is just half of the work. Now that youÆve finished the visuals, it is time to create a soundscape to go hand in hand with it, build tension, create drama, suspense and tell a story that no other medium can.

In this class, I will teach you how to not only improve and support your visual edit but also how to tell a story through sound.

Who is this class for?

Video editors
Sound designers
Multimedia artists
Game designers
Creatives who would like to experiment with sound

What can you do with these skills?

Improve your travel and commercial videos
Create sound for short films
Envision how sound can better your film before you even produce it
Create unconventional soundscapes that will blow peopleÆs minds
Implement sounds and atmospheres into the creation of your music
Create worlds with sounds before you even start programing
Make standalone works of art through your sound bites

What will you learn?

Creating an atmosphere around your visuals
Layering sounds
Creating a perspective within your soundscapes
Manipulating sounds to get the effect you are in need for
Telling a story using sound effects and atmospheres
How to sound mix for optimal results
Techniques that you learn during this class will help you better understand the tools and concepts of sound building and assist you in creating a great soundscape for your next project.

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