Udemy Hard Rock Lead Guitar [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Hard Rock Lead Guitar
P2P | 15 March 2023 | 2.78 GB
Are you looking to take your lead guitar playing skills to Rock Star status – To master the techniques necessary to not only improve your skill, but to create killer songs and a die hard fan base!?

Welcome, to Hard Rock Lead Guitar – The Ultimate Guide to Speed and Accuracy, where my goal is to help you achieve a new level of confidence in your lead guitar abilities.

I will break down fast and complicated techniques into their most basic components, allowing you to build a solid foundation for growth. Some of the techniques covered include legato, speed picking, sweep picking, tapping, and more! This is more than just a library of licks, but a powerful set of exercises that build your strength, dexterity, speed, and accuracy. From beginner to advanced, practice these licks on a regular basis and I guarantee you will be on your way to playing like a Rock Star!

What you'll learn
  • Develop finger strength/dexterity
  • Develop legato technique
  • Develop alternate picking speed & accuracy
  • Perform multiple string sweeping patterns
  • Perform various tapping techniques
  • Perform a number of harmonics
  • Bending & vibrato techniques
  • Additional tips/techniques
  • Whammy bar techniques

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