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Fabrizio Poce J74 SliceShuffler v1.0.4 [Max for Live]

Fabrizio Poce J74 SliceShuffler
P2P | 18 March 2023 | 2 MB
J74 SliceShuffler is an audio slice sequencer. Operating as an audio effect for Ableton Live (Max for Live), the plug-in works by buffering incoming audio and allows you free slice resequencing and manipulation of the audio phrase. Made with rhythmic material in mind, it can also be used to add a rhythmic feel on anything else too. Above all, SliceShuffler is made for real-time performance: manipulate, mix the snapshots, randomize and do anything you like: changes are hitless and instantaneous. With a performance-friendly [undo] function which let's you revert to a known state, when you wish to.

Feature Overview of J74 SliceShuffler
- Free slice re-sequencing of the captured audio buffer.
- Tempo synchronized, with up to 32 steps (32 beats, 2 bars of buffered audio)
- Probability sequencing lanes to add variations and evolutions over time.
- Sequenced-slice can independently be reversed, muted and/or panned.
- Slice direction can be sequenced with probability of variation.
- Parameter Locking: it can sequence any parameter in Ableton Live
- Drive gain & compressor at the output stage (for overdrive and saturation).
- Snapshots: save and recall snapshots, also for mixing during performance (hitless recall)
- Performance functions: randomize, freeze, shift, reverse. All possible in real-time

Requirements, Specifications and Documentation

Platform Requisites
J74 SliceShuffler is an Ableton Live, Max for Live device. You must have a Max for Live licence to run it and it will run properly only in Live 10 or higher (older versions of Live, such as Live 8 or Live 10, are not supported).

Supported Versions:
- Ableton Live 10 and 11 (with embedded Max), Suite or Standard (with Max for Live license)
- Windows versions supported: 10
- Mac OS versions supported: 10.13 and higher

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