Udemy Anyone Can Sing Indian Carnatic Classical Foundation Level [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Anyone Can Sing Indian Carnatic Classical Foundation Level
P2P | 06 April 2023 | 2.86 GB
Develop a strong understanding and proficiency in singing Carnatic ragas. Effective practice drills in different ragas.

What you'll learn

Understand basic of Carnatic classical music
Learn 4 amazing Carnatic ragas
Effective practice drills to improve note placement and gamakas
Understand the basics of music in Indian music's context
Learn self checking methods to help you sing better


No requirements although a basic aptitude in singing will help.
A basic understanding of singing in key will certainly make it easier.


Welcome to the Foundation Level of " Anyone Can Sing Indian Carnatic Classical".I strongly believe that with the right approach, anyone can get better at singing and so, I present to you this very effective course that I have aptly titled “Anyone Can Sing Indian Carnatic Classical”. Treat this as your stepping stone on to the beautiful world of Carnatic Music. I bring together 25+ years of my singing and teaching experience into this course to give you something that actually works. I also give some effective self-checking methods that will help you understand when you sing off key.In this course, we start off by understanding the basics of music. You will learn the basic terminologies in both Carnatic and Western music and how they are related to each other. This is followed by some warm-up drills, and breathing exercises. Then we dive into practice drills in different ragas. You will then learn about some practice techniques and some drills to improve range and gamakas. You will also learn some tips on voice care.This course will help you get a better understanding of music in general and the relationship between Carnatic and Western. The drills, when done regularly will lead to significant improvement in your singing capabilities.


  • Lecture 0 Introduction

Section 1: Breathing and Shruti (Key)

  • Lecture 1 Breathing and Shruti (Key)

Section 2: Basics of Music

  • Lecture 2 Basics of Music - Part 1
  • Lecture 3 Basics of Music - Indian Classical
  • Lecture 4 Basics of Music - Notation Method

Section 3: Warm Up

  • Lecture 5 Warm Up

Section 4: First Raga - Mayamalavagowla /Bhairav

  • Lecture 6 Raga 1 : Mayamalavagowla / Bhairav

Section 5: Second Raga - Shankarabharanam / Bilawal

  • Lecture 7 Raga 2 : Shankarabharanam / Bilawal

Section 6: Third Raga - Kalyani / Yaman

  • Lecture 8 Raga 3 : Kalyani / Yaman

Section 7: Fourth Raga : Challenge

  • Lecture 9 Challenge - Raga 4 : Harikamboji / Khamaj

Section 8: Range and Gamakas

  • Lecture 10 Range Drills
  • Lecture 11 Gamaka Drills

Section 9: Wrap Up

  • Lecture 12 How to Practice
  • Lecture 13 Voice Care Tips

Absolute beginners,People resuming after a long break

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