Groove3 Mixing Drums with UAD Spark Plug-ins [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Mixing Drums with UAD Spark Plug-ins
P2P | 07 April 2023 | 669 MB
Drums can be problematic to make sound good, especially when you're dealing with tracks that weren't recorded in a world-class room with world-class hardware. In this mixing video course, studio expert Eli Krantzberg shows you how to achieve great results with the UAD's native Spark plug-ins. You'll learn how to process each part of the kit with EQ, compression, tape simulation, etc., as well as check for phase issues, add effects, and much more. You also get the raw drum tracks so you can follow along and mix them in your DAW. These videos are for those familiar with basic mixing strategies.

After welcoming you to the course, Eli begins by detailing the drums and mics used for the recordings heard in the course and providing a before/after comparison for the featured track, so you'll know what to expect. Then you'll hear each element in its raw, unprocessed state, and Eli will demonstrate how to listen for and detect phase issues, including how to manually align a room mic track. Then it's on to the overheads, where processing will be added with Oxide Tape, Neve EQ, and Fairchild compression.

Next, Eli sets up a mono parallel overhead bus to blend in with the original tracks, comparing the results achieved with an API 2500 bus compressor and an 1176 AE compressor. The kick drum is next, which Eli accentuates via Oxide Tape, LA 2A Grey, and Pultec EQP-1A to help it blend with the overheads.

Through the remainder of the course, Eli will cover many more topics, including the snare track (trying out different EQs before and after compression), the toms (using the Pultec EQP-1A to sculpt the sound), the hi hat (extreme EQ and filtering with the API Vision Channel Strip), the mono room mic (bus compression, saturation, EQ, and opto leveling with Century Tube Channel Strip), drum reverb (with Pure Plate), parallel drum bus processing, and more!

It's not easy to get fully professional-sounding drums in a home studio, but when you combine the power of UAD Spark plug-ins with the knowhow contained in this course, you'll see how possible it really is! Check out the individual mixing drums with Spark plugins video descriptions for more information and ideas on how you can incorporate UAD Spark plug-ins into your workflow. You don't have to settle for wimpy drums any longer... watch "Mixing Drums with UAD Spark Plug-ins" today!

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