Udemy The Fundamentals Of Musical Literacy [TUTORiAL]

Udemy The Fundamentals Of Musical Literacy
TeamCubeadooby | 13 April 2023 | 358 MB
In this beginner level course, the basics of music literacy are taught with quizzes and written reflection assignments. There are learning materials provided at the beginning and throughout the course. These topics include: the music staff, music clefs, written music notation, the grand staff, vocal range, the musical intervals of half-steps and whole-steps, and how to play or sing the chromatic scale.

This course is primarily for self-taught musicians that want to learn the fundamentals of how to read or write music, or for individuals looking to start at the beginning of music theory and music literacy.

Are you looking to expand your capacity to relate to other musicians? Are you looking to know how to read music? Do you have songs in your head that you would like to get onto paper or onto a digital music software program? Are you looking to understand the basics of music theory so that you can write and read quality music?

This course is designed to inform students of the detailed aspects of writing and reading music. With music composition being so accessible today, going without understanding the basics can be a real detriment to those trying to advance in the field. Music theory is a complicated subject, but the rules for notation and literacy are long thought out and developed. In order to progress with the potential that we have as musicians and music enthusiasts, maintaining the fundamentals of music theory is essential.

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