Groove3 Opal Morphing Synthesizer Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Opal Morphing Synthesizer Explained
P2P | 14 April 2023 | 408 MB
After welcoming you to the course, Eli starts off with a brief overview of Opal, so you'll be well-versed with the layout of the interface as we move through the course. Then he moves on to the heart of the synth: the oscillators. You'll learn how to select between analog and wavetable shapes for different tonal variation as well as some modulation possibilities unique to the Opal Morphing Synthesizer. Discover additional oscillator features as well, such as oscillator sync, amplitude modulation, sub oscillator, and LFO functions, and hear them quickly put to use with a simple bass patch.

Next, explore the Opal Morphing Synthesizer's morphing multi-mode filters and their various components like filter insert FX, cutoff, envelope, etc. and see how both filters can be applied in several routing configurations.

There's many more to follow, including LFOs (trigger modes, secondary LFO modulation, etc.), sample and hold, multi segment function generators (for modulating various parameters and envelopes), voice settings (polyphony, portamento, glide, etc.), output FX routing, and more! To bring it all together, Eli closes out the course with a series of sound design tutorials to show you the synth in action with a variety of applications.

The possibilities with this synth are immense, so it's easy to get lost and ignore some of its unique features that make it so versatile. By the time you finish this course, however, you'll feel confident in your ability to tweak to your heart's content, sculpting a patch to perfection in no time at all. The individual Opal Morphing Synthesizer video descriptions will give you some more information as well as some ideas for employing the instrument in your next production. Your next ear-worm awaits... watch "Opal Morphing Synthesizer Explained®" now!

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