Groove3 SCHEMA DARK Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 SCHEMA DARK Explained
P2P | 21 April 2023 | 136 MB
If scoring action films and video games is your thing, Native Instrument's SCHEMA: DARK is the musical playground of your dreams. In this SCHEMA DARK video course, virtual instrument guru Eli Krantzberg walks you through this plugin front to back, showing you everything you need to know to start incorporating it in your very next production. You'll learn how to work with the four separate layers (each with their own 16-step sequencer), numerous macros, slices, filters, effects, and much more! These videos are for new SCHEMA: DARK users.

Eli welcomes you and begins with a flyover of the plugin, briefly explaining what it is, what it does, how it works, what it sounds like, and how the interface is structured, so you'll be better prepared when we get into the specifics. Then you'll learn how to navigate NI's browser, including modifying, saving, and recalling presets and other settings. Discover next how to reorder slices (manually or randomly) from the Pattern Edit panel, affording a myriad of sonic permutations for you to explore while you mine the dark depths of musical creation.

An investigation of the Cutoff panel follows, in which Eli demonstrates how the Edit panel filter cutoff works with the Filter macro by way of a layered bass line. Discover also how, within the Decay panel, the decay time and modulation range of each step can be adjusted and offset with the Tails macro knob.

There's plenty more to come as well, including the Volume panel (add dynamics to each step), Gates macro (adjusting gate value, etc.), Pitch panel (detuning and other pitch effects), Tuning macro (modulation, etc.), Layer settings (control of playback speed, direction, etc.), FX, key mapping (manipulating the plugin via external MIDI controller), and much more!

Take full command of this powerful sound design tool quickly and easily with this SCHEMA DARK video tutorial and also get a good idea of what's possible in the process. The individual SCHEMA: DARK video tutorial descriptions will provide more information as well as additional ideas on how to implement the instrument in your own tracks and productions. "If you only knew the power of the dark side." Well, now you can... watch "SCHEMA: DARK Explained®" today!

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