AIR Music Technology AIR Ether v1.0.0 [WiN]

AIR Music Technology AIR Ether
Team R2R | 25 April 2023 | 14.2 MB
Reverb just got a whole lot wilder
A reverb like no other, Ether takes your sound to new dimensions with its unparalleled processing capabilities. This isn't just another multi-effects processor - Ether is a creative powerhouse that allows you to shape and manipulate your sound like never before.

At its core, Ether provides eight distinct space settings, pre-delay, reverb time, and damp controls. But what sets it apart is its post-reverb shaping capabilities. With an array of five fully bypassable modules, you’ll transform even the simplest sound into something unique.

  • Comprehensive Reverb section with…
  • Eight distinct space settings
  • Pre-delay, reverb time and damp controls
  • Post-reverb shaping with EQ & filter section
  • 5 further, fully bypassable modules including…
  • Pitch shifting algorithm with variety of available intervals, plus algorithm selector to suit your source material.
  • Pitch modulation section with shape, depth and rate controls
  • Delay section with BPM sync, cross-feed for bouncing delay FX and a range of input routing options
  • Animation section
  • BPM syncable
  • Wide range of animation shapes
  • Rate, tonal balance, color and smoothing controls
  • Compressor
  • Three input routing options
  • Attack and release time constants
  • LFO/Envelope section
  • Four unique modulation modes
  • BPM syncable
  • Retrigger threshold control with metering
  • Two assignable destinations with independent depth and invert controls, from a range of options.
  • Wide variety of logically categorised presets.

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