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Inear Display Amalgame v1.5 [WiN, MacOSX]

Inear Display Amalgame
ohsie | 11 January 2024 | 9.15 MB
Amalgame is a multi-effect plugin that aims to streamline the creation of complex signal processing chains. Offering an intuitive workflow with all the functions easily accessible and logically laid out, Amalgame makes mutating sounds beyond recognition a breeze.

Amalgame provides a library of 23 effects ranging from bread and butter filters and delays to more esoteric and glitchy processors, which are always accessible and ready to be dropped on 6 XY pads where their key parameters are mapped to each axis.

The X and Y parameters of each pad can be sequenced from within the plugin with independent rate and length for each sequence giving you the opportunity to create insanely complex modulations in a few clicks.

And for an instant creativity boost, a versatile randomizer lets you alter the parameters, sequences and effect selections of any slot, or even regenerate the whole processing chain at the press of a button.

### Features

- 23 audio processors that can be assigned to 6 effect slots
- Pan/Amp processor
- Peak and Notch EQ filters
- Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Screamo lowpass analog style filters
- Ping-Pong Delay, Metalizer, Bot Delay (glitch pitch-shifting delay) and Reverb
- Chorus/Flange, Phase Shifter, Ring-Modulator and Formant Filter
- Saturator, Foldover Distortion, Ring Trasher (foldover distortion with phase distortion ring-modulator) and Bitcrusher
- Pitch-Shifter, Drilla (glitch stutter), Transient isolator and Spectre (filter and delay bank)
- Automatable XY Pads with built-in MIDI mapping
- X and Y parameters internal sequences for each effect slot with sequence bypass switch
- Sample accurate host position sync
- Sequences of variable length (2 to 16 steps) and rate (from 1 bar per step to 1/16 per step)
- 3 Sequence Direction Modes : forward, backward and random
- Individual sequence randomization
- Assign an effect to a slot by drag and drop
- Individual slot bypass
- Reorder effect slots by drag and drop
- Slot effect type available for automation
- Randomizer with subgroups (XY parameters, Effect selection, Sequences, All) and target slots selection
- Global Parameters : Input amplitude, Output amplitude and Dry-Wet Mix
- Copy and paste settings across effect slots
- Resizable user interface
- Oscilloscope
- Cross-Platform Presets
- Ability to save a custom startup patch
- 34 Factory Presets

### Requirements

Available as VST3 and Audio Unit for macOS (Intel or ARM) and Windows (64 bit only).

- macOS 10.12 or higher
- Windows 10 or higher

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  • mataboy111
    11 January 2024 19:00
    • No Mac version in this release, only Windows


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