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MAGIX Music Maker Premium Full Content [DAW Addons] [WiN]

MAGIX Music Maker Premium Full Content
P2P | 30 August 2016 | 10.35 GB
MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium Full Content. A huge collection of sounds, loops, samples.

► Content:

MM2017 Soundpools
MM2017Live Soundpools
MM2017Premium Live Pads
MM2017Premium Soundpools
MM2017Premium Synthesizer Effects
MM2017Premium Visuals
Vita Choir
Vita Church Organ
Vita Cinematic Soundscapes
Vita Concert Grand
Vita Drum Engine
Vita Jazz Drums
Vita Lead Synth
Vita Pop Drums
Vita 2
Vita 2 Additional Content

► Bonus Content:

Vita Accordion
Vita Analog Synths
Vita Bass Machine
Vita Celtic Harp
Vita Century Guitar
Vita Century Keys
Vita Cinematic Synth
Vita Concert Guitar
Vita Electric Bass
Vita Electric Piano
Vita Folk
Vita Pop Brass
Vita Power Guitar
Vita Rock Drums
Vita Saxophonia
Vita Soundtrack Percussion
Vita Space Pad
Vita String Ensemble
Vita Upright Bass
Vita Urban Drums
Vita Vibraphone
Vita Vintage Organ
Vita World Flutes
Vita World Percussion

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  • misho
    1 March 2020 10:06
    • how do you activate the bonus content?
  • Jess25800
    28 April 2020 22:11
    • Quote: misho
      how do you activate the bonus content?


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