Udemy Voice Masterclass by Larissa Perfeito [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Voice Masterclass by Larissa Perfeito
P2P | 03 August 2023 | 3.83 GB
It is necessary to have expression in order to have a better communication û this is the ideal of this course. ôVoice Masterclass: Expressive Voice for Teleprompter, Voice Over and Advertisingö û is aimed at anyone who wants to better understand the power of the voice when communicating.

You are going to learn how to have a natural, confident, genuine and expressive voice connecting with your audience.

Studying the emotions transmitted by the voice makes any video much more impactful. The voice carries an infinity of elements that contribute to its effectiveness. Meaning, intonation, speed, volume and pause are just a few examples of these elements. They are capable of conveying nuances of meaning and awakening different emotions. A soft, calm voice can convey comfort and assurance, while an energetic, dynamic voice can inspire enthusiasm and motivation. It is infinite!

With persistence and dedication, you can develop a compelling and professional voice that captivates your audience. This course also has pages in PDF and DOCX exercises û it means, you will have material to practice and self-assess later. Being able to check your progress with each unit you complete.

This course was designed by university professor and producer Larissa Perfeito who has worked on the American television network ABC and has been teaching at universities since 2006.

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