Xenos Soundworks Synthwave Volume 1 [Synth Presets]

Xenos Soundworks Synthwave Volume 1
Team DECiBEL | 08 August 2023 | 0.5 MB
'Synthwave Volume 1" is a vital toolkit for 80's type sounds and Synthwave production. These 64 presets have that distinct 'analog' and 'warm' quality that faithfully reproduces the character of vintage hardware. With fat basses, creamy leads, warm keys and synths, this sound library shows off Sylenth's "retro" side.

Synth-wave Volume 1' is an entirely new item, with all new sounds, NOT an updated version of an existing product.

'Synth-wave Volume 1' is fully aimed at Synth-wave production, but as the genre is based entirely around the use of 80s synths and drums, any 'retro' fan will feel right at home with it.

What's Inside?
16 Basses
16 Leads
9 Pads
8 Plucks and Polysynths
4 Bells
3 Brass
3 Keyboards
2 FX
2 Miscellaneous

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Synthwave, Retro

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