Steven Atkinson Neural Amp Modeler (NAM) aaxplugin v0.7.5 [WiN]

Steven Atkinson Neural Amp Modeler (NAM) aaxplugin
P2P | 09 August 2023 | 3.07 MB
AAX version of the A VST3/AudioUnit plug-in* for Neural Amp Modeler, built with iPlug2.

What's Changed

What's Changed
Update core by @sdatkinson in #301
NAM models communicate expected sample rates by @sdatkinson in #303
Use a NAM icon instead of the iPlug2 icon by @olilarkin in #309
Cleanup naming of methods and variables by @olilarkin in #268
Rework bitmap controls by @olilarkin in #270
Revert "Rework bitmap controls" by @sdatkinson in #316
Rework bitmap controls #2 by @olilarkin in #317
Remove Ronduit ttf and license files by @sdatkinson in #319
Correct one final occurence of RONDUIT_FN by @olilarkin in #321
Update iPlug2 to fix some filename/unicode issues by @olilarkin in #322
Remove old directory-style model advice by @sdatkinson in #329
Display a warning if host sample rate isn't correct for the NAM model by @sdatkinson in #331
Fix loading WAVs with subchunk1Size>16 by @sdatkinson in #335
Send correct message to clear IR by @sdatkinson in #336
Disable sample rate warning by default to avoid flash on UI open by @sdatkinson in #337
Get expected sample rate from model for warning message by @sdatkinson in #338

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home page

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