Synth Universe Hydrasynth Deluxe Sound Banks Vol.1 and 2 Bundle [Synth Presets]

Synth Universe Hydrasynth Deluxe Sound Banks Vol.1 and 2 Bundle
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This bundle includes all the sounds in the Synth Universe Hydrasynth Deluxe Sound Banks Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for a total of 64 patches.

Please note these patches will not work with any other current Hydrasynth models.

The sound banks contain a variety of pro quality sounds including pads, vintage analog, polysynths, strings, choirs, brass, keys, ambient and soundscapes.

These Deluxe Sound Banks concentrate on powerful, usable and musical sounds that can become staple companions in your music-making. Many of the patches are inspired by sounds from classic or vintage synths. Although the Hydrasynth is completely digital, it has the ability to create a wide range of timbres, including those of analog synths. With two sound layers in each patch, the real power comes from getting multiple oscillators working together in unpredictable ways, using the oscillator mutants, filters and modulations.

Some patches have the letters 'Dlx' in the name, which means it's a dual layer version of an existing single patch in the Synth Universe Hydrasynth sound banks. Working with a Hydrasynth Deluxe is like having a Yamaha DX1 instead of a DX7: you can get more richness and depth in a basic sound by doubling it and making adjustments to each layer. These kinds of patches are usually straightforward usable sounds, made to sound bigger, richer and more spacious in the stereo field than their single counterparts.

All of the sounds featured in earlier Synth Universe videos on the Hydrasynth Deluxe are included in these two banks, as well as many new patches created from scratch to harness the power of having 6 oscillators available simultaneously. There are a number of ambient and ethereal patches as well as soundscapes incuded that make use of layered sounds with lots of movement.

Please watch the videos that accompany this sound bank: all of the patches are demonstrated, with no external audio processing applied so you can hear the sounds for yourself.

Ensure you use the latest firmware (at least v1.1 or 2.0) and you will need Hydrasynth Manager (downloadable from the ASM website) to load the sounds into your Hydrasynth. The Hydrasynth multi bank file is in the .hydramulti format. A 'Read me' document is included with the sound bank for more information on installation and getting the most from the sounds.

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