Udemy An Introduction To Audio Gear [TUTORiAL]

Udemy An Introduction To Audio Gear
P2P | 20 August 2023 | 970 MB
Explore Audio Gear: DAWs, DACs, Mixers, and More in the Industry

What you'll learn

Phonograph: Explore the history and workings of early audio recording technology.
DAW: Learn the basics of popular Digital Audio Workstations for recording and editing audio.
Mixer: Understand the role of mixers in balancing and blending audio signals.
Headphones: Discover different headphone types and their importance in audio engineering.
Monitors: Gain insights into studio monitors for accurate audio playback.
Microphones: Explore microphone types and their applications in capturing sound sources.
Signal Processors: Learn about essential audio processors like equalizers, compressors, and reverbs.
Audio Interfaces: Understand the role of audio interfaces in converting analog and digital audio.
MIDI Controllers: Discover how MIDI controllers integrate with DAWs for music production.
Plug-ins and Software Instruments: Explore virtual instruments and effects for creative audio processing.
Studio Setup and Acoustics: Learn about optimizing room acoustics and equipment placement for ideal audio production


Passion for Music and Sound: The primary requirement for this course is a genuine enthusiasm and deep passion for music and sound.
Preferred Headphones: It is recommended to have a decent pair of headphones to enhance your audio listening experience throughout the course.
Thirst for Audio Engineering Knowledge: A strong desire to acquire knowledge in the field of audio engineering is essential for maximizing your learning experience.
No prior knowledge or experience will be required


Welcome to an exciting audio engineering course where we embark on a captivating journey through the evolution of technology. Join us as we explore the past and present, delving into the various pieces of technology that have shaped the audio engineering realm.From the early days of phonographs to the cutting-edge 32 channel digital mixers of today, we'll take you on a historical adventure, unraveling the progression of audio technology throughout time. Gain a deep understanding of the tools and equipment that have revolutionized the way we capture, shape, and manipulate sound.In this course, we prioritize the comprehension of every element of technology found in the audio engineering field. You'll be immersed in the world of audio equipment, from analog to digital, and everything in between. We'll demystify the inner workings of different devices, enabling you to grasp their functionalities and unleash your creative potential.Through engaging lessons and hands-on activities, you'll explore the intricacies of vintage gear, classic recording techniques, and the advancements that have led to the cutting-edge equipment used in modern studios. You'll learn how these technologies have influenced the way we record, mix, and master audio, and how they continue to shape the future of the industry.Whether you're a passionate audio enthusiast, a budding audio engineer, or simply intrigued by the history and technology behind audio production, this course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the tools and equipment used in the field.Join us on this thrilling adventure as we unravel the mysteries of audio technology, from its humble beginnings to its remarkable present. No matter your level of expertise, we welcome you to join us and embark on a journey that will expand your knowledge and ignite your passion for the fascinating world of audio engineering.


Section 1: A brief history lesson

  • Lecture 1 The Evolution of Audio Recording Equipment

Section 2: The Digital Evolution of audio

  • Lecture 2 The Digital Revolution of Audio Gear

Section 3: Common Pieces of Audio Equipment in the Audio Inductry

  • Lecture 3 Common Pieces of Audio Gear

Section 4: Amplifiers and Signal Processors

  • Lecture 4 Amplifiers and Signal Processors

Section 5: Racks, Junction Boxes and Snakes

  • Lecture 5 Racks, Junction Boxes and Snakes

Section 6: Headphones and Microphones

  • Lecture 6 Getting acquainted with Headphones and Microphones

Section 7: Monitors in the world of audio

  • Lecture 7 Audio Monitors

Section 8: The world of DACs

  • Lecture 8 Digital to Analogue Converters

Section 9: The world of MIDI, Synths and Computers

  • Lecture 9 The world of MIDI, Synths and Computers

Section 10: Basic Audio Terminology

  • Lecture 10 Basic Terminology

Individual looking to start their journey in sound/audio engineering,Beginner sound/audio engineers

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