Groove3 UVI Key Suite Bundle Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 UVI Key Suite Bundle Explained
P2P | 25 August 2023 | 126 MB
Join veteran Groove3 instructor Eli Krantzberg for a comprehensive look at UVI's Key Suite Bundle, a massive collection of pianos, electronic pianos, keyboards, and more. In this UVI Key Suite Bundle video course, Eli will walk you through the key components so you'll know your way intimately around the instrument, how to choose/edit sounds, how to use effects, and much more. By the end, you'll feel comfortable enough to lay down some tracks and tailor the sounds to suit your specific production needs. These Key Suite videos are for new Key Suite Bundle users.

Eli begins by demonstrating how the velocity scaling function works across all the instruments in the collection, so you'll be able to make use of it no matter which sound you're using. Then you'll learn about the various microphone model combinations available on the acoustic pianos, which allow you to tailor the sound of these incredibly detailed samples to your liking.

Next, explore the amp envelope control, with which you can shape the sound of the notes over time and generate unique timbres, including the ability to link the attack parameter to note velocity. The filter and filter envelope are then covered, as well as a demonstration of modulating the filter cutoff frequency.

There's much more to come, including the tone and pitch knobs, mod wheel control (mappable to many different parameters), volume/panning/balance, reverbs/delays, drive/EQ, stereo modulators (Phasor, Thorus, Flanger, Rotary), tremolo/wah, and more!

The Key Suite Bundle certainly has you covered for all your non-synth keyboard needs. From acoustic grands to Wurlis, clavs, and more, it's all there. After watching this Key Suite course, you'll know exactly how to quickly select the sounds you want and tailor them to your track with effects, envelopes, and more. See the individual UVI Key Suite Bundle video tutorial descriptions for more information on the content of each and ideas on how you can make this instrument part of your workflow in no time at all. You have the "key" to unlocking this instrument in your hands... watch "UVI Key Suite Bundle Explained®" now!

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