SkillShare Sound Design with Fairlight: Audio Post-Production in DaVinci Resolve [TUTORiAL]

SkillShare Sound Design with Fairlight: Audio Post-Production in DaVinci Resolve
P2P | 02 September 2023 | 307 MB
Audio plays a big part in adding emotion to your video content. Create thought-provoking and moving video content though great sound.

Marcel Patillo started his career as a filmmaker in the same way a lot of new filmmakers begin theirs. He bought a camera and scoured the internet for all of the information he could find. In the years since, Marcel has transformed his hobby into a full-time job and produced video content for brands like Lululemon and Crocs all while gaining almost 50K subscribers on his YouTube channel on modern filmmaking. Now an expert in post-production, Marcel is ready to share everything he knows about his favorite post-production software: DaVinci Resolve.

As a professional post-producer with an audio production background, Marcel reveals how to bring your videos to life with clear and sonically compelling audio. YouÆll learn the UI of Fairlight and how to EQ like the pros.

With Marcel as your guide, youÆll:

Explore FairlightÆs most powerful and useful tools
Normalize and cut up your audio so it feels organic
Align your audio with your video
Equalize your audio to remove any bad frequencies
Bring smoothness into your audio with compression
Plus, you can download MarcelÆs video and audio assets so that you can follow along within his edit or use his tips and techniques to make edits to your own content.

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