Udemy iPad Dj-Complete Guide On How To Dj Using An iPad iPhone [TUTORiAL]

Udemy iPad Dj-Complete Guide On How To Dj Using An iPad iPhone
P2P | 07 September 2023 | 1.85 GB
Learn how to DJ with an iPad or iPhone

What you'll learn

How to DJ with iPad
How to DJ with iPhone


Have iPad tablet or smartphone


Unlock Your DJ Potential with Your iPad Passionate about music? Got an iPad or smartphone? Get ready for an electrifying journey that takes you from a music lover to a DJ extraordinaire! This exhilarating course is designed to make your learning experience a blast, with step-by-step lessons that are not only easy to follow but also incredibly enjoyable.Here's what you'll conquer:The Essentials Unveiled: From ground zero to the hero of the iPad, grasp the fundamentals like a pro.Mixing Mastery Revealed: Mesmerize your audience by flawlessly blending two tracks together – it's like magic for your ears!Library Organization Hacks: Say goodbye to the song-search struggle with expert tips on keeping your music organized and ready to roll.Tricks and Effects Unleashed: Elevate your performance with show-stopping tricks and effects that'll set the dance floor on fire!Securing Your First Gig: DJing is a team sport, and I'll guide you to own the spotlight and deliver unforgettable performances that'll rock any crowd. By the end of this course, you'll be the master of your iPad, turning beats into euphoric experiences that'll make you the life of any party. So, are you ready to hit play on your DJ dream? Enroll now and let's transform your love for music into an electrifying DJ journey! Don't miss out – join the rhythm revolution and become the DJ sensation you were born to be!


Section 1: Welcome to the world of DJing with the iPad

  • Lecture 1 Intro
  • Lecture 2 Getting Started
  • Lecture 3 Navigating Viewing modes
  • Lecture 4 Loading songs
  • Lecture 5 How to Read waveforms

Section 2: Get Orginized

  • Lecture 6 Playlist
  • Lecture 7 Cue Points

Section 3: Mixer

  • Lecture 8 How to use the mixer

Section 4: DJ FX

  • Lecture 9 First look at FX

Section 5: BPM and SYNC

  • Lecture 10 BPM
  • Lecture 11 SYNC

Section 6: Loops sampler and looper

  • Lecture 12 Loops
  • Lecture 13 Looper
  • Lecture 14 Sampler

Section 7: Neural Mix

  • Lecture 15 Neural Mix explained

Section 8: Video mode

  • Lecture 16 Visualizer text and image overlay
  • Lecture 17 Music Video Mixing

Section 9: Automix

  • Lecture 18 How to use Automix

Section 10: Easy Transitions

  • Lecture 19 Your First Transition
  • Lecture 20 Word Play
  • Lecture 21 Big BPM Jumps
  • Lecture 22 Funnel Transition
  • Lecture 23 Drop Mix

Section 11: Scratching

  • Lecture 24 Babby Scratch
  • Lecture 25 Chirp Scratch
  • Lecture 0 Thanks

Music lovers,Advanced DJs,Beginner DJs

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