STL Tones Tonality Lasse Lammert v1.1.1 [WiN]

STL Tones Tonality Lasse Lammert
Team R2R | 13 September 2023 | 216.9 MB
Tonality is an all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed exclusively from producer Lasse Lammert's Signature guitar sounds. Lasse's go-to pedals, amplifiers and cabinet setups are in this plug-in. Designed by STL Tones & Lammert, the Lasse Lammert Plug-in has been developed to capture every sonic aspect of what make's his guitar tones so distinctive.

Amp 1
The Driftwood Purple Nightmare is a two channel, 6l6 powered, 100w guitar amplifier. Boasting a fully independent clean and 'burn' channel the Driftwood also includes its own built in overdrive pedal, with mode and gain switches. The Purple Nightmare can do everything from driven rock to high gain metal tones.

Educare University
Amp 2
Based on a Diezel™ Herbert™ which is a monstrous 180 watt Swiss Army Knife of an amp designed to cover all types of genres. The Herbert™ also features a sharable mid-cut with makeup gain that allows for further detail when dialing your tones. An incredibly versatile modern classic.

Educare University
Amp 3
Based on a Marshall™ JCM800™ 2203. This 100w beast has been the backbone of rock and metal since its inception in 1981. It has one channel of instantly recognizable British tone. Lasse's own amp is an original 1981 version with Siemens and RFT NOS tubes and is totally stock with the exception of the Legendary Tones Hot Mod.

Extensive cabinet selection
Tonality Lasse Lammert comes stacked with 4 cabinets. Captured by Lasse at his studio in Germany with absolute accuracy in mind. The Brit 12GM is the definitive vintage sounding cabinet. It excels with anything from slightly broken up tones to vintage thrash. The Cali Rect V30 oversized is an absolute go-to cab for polished modern tones. With its clean yet huge low end, the speakers have a smooth character that give you a controlled and 'finished' sound.The Eagle Pro VSB is a bench mark for aggressive sounding modern tone. It has a very focused midrange that cuts through the mix effortlessly. The Gasoline 412 has a modern aggressive sound, but with a darker tone that has a lot of low mid push. The speakers add a new character for a less controlled sound suited to older metal.

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