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Shadow Resurgence Production Suite [WAV, MiDi, Synth Presets]

Shadow Resurgence Production Suite
FANTASTiC | 13 November 2023 | 504 MB
The Resurgence Drum Kit has the hardest 808s and Percussion we've ever released. 400+ Samples carefully curated to create the best possible mix that make your beats HIT.

  • 100 808s: Distorted to the perfect degree, perfect for any genre of trap that you want to bump
  • 300+ Percussion Samples: Punchy Claps and Snares,Elegantly crafted Hi-Hats and Open Hats, Elevated FX and Percs, and so much more
  • Crafted for greatness: Every drum sample included in this kit was created with concise intent to make your beats hit harder no matter what

Euphoria Analog Lab Bank
  • Transform your samples with our expert level sound design, hand made for you. Analog Synths, Energetic Arps, Beautiful Pads, Vintage Instruments, the list goes on, and Euphoria has it all
  • 100 Multi-Fascited Analog Lab presets designed for greatness
  • Organized For You: Worry no more, the best sounds that you've been looking for are here, and we made sure to keep them all in once place
  • Trap Mastery: Euphoria has it all. Industry, Underground, and everything inbetween.

"Target Practice" One-Shot Collection
  • Wav exports of all Analog Lab presets for ultimate sound manipulation, and 50 BONUS one-shots to add to your arsenal
  • All files are exported at 5-9 so you dont lose any note length
  • Premiun WAV files
  • Utelize exclusive features like slide notes, better velocity control and more!

Fissure Portal Bank
  • Emulate real guitar pedal presets with the Fissure Portal Bank. 40 hand crafted presets that will level up your melodys with one click
  • No pedal? No problem. You can get the same effect for a fraction on the price here
  • Granular Synthesis: Portal has an entirely unique processing system that allows you to flip melodys with one click
  • Sample like a god: Portal is often best used when sampling and exporting multiple times. Create entirely new compositions with ease

Ignited Thermal Bank
  • Add grit and distortion to your melodys and 808s using Ignited. 40 hand crafted Thermal presets designed to make your beats grittier than ever
  • Juice your 808s with 20 one of a kind distortion builders
  • Drive your melodys to a new level with 20 bright, warm melodic trances
  • Add that warm feel you've been looking for

Metamorph ShaperBox 3 Bank
  • Melody transformation will come with ease using the Metamorph collection. Utelize 60 multi-effect chains to flip samples and breathe new life into your beats
  • Multi-Chain Effects: Combine filters, Phasers, Distortion, Noise, Panning, and so much more all at once
  • Sounds unlike any other: ShaperBox has a distinct sound that cuts through it's mixes no matter what you do
  • Mix and Match: ShaperBox is one of the most user-friendly VSTs out there, go into the back end and customize things to your own liking

Infinite Possibilities For Cooking Up
  • Drag and drop Drum Loops to speed up the beat making process
  • Accents and Phrases to level up your melodies with a few simple clicks
  • Hundreds of melody creating assistants in the form of midis, presets and one shots
  • Over 400 speaker knocking drums, 100 of them being 808s

Fabricate Midi Pack
  • No inspiration? No problem. Our team has crafted 50 drum and melody midis to allow for instant creative boosts without any effort needed.
  • Entire Melodies at your finger tips: We did the work for you, take these midis and get started on your drums ASAP
  • Idea Builders: Dont know how to start your beats? No worries, we covered that too
  • Drums couldn't be simpler, hats, snares, rolls, we included it all

Elements Accents and Phrases Bundle
  • Enhance your melodys with one simple drag and drop. Elements introduces a new playing field for beat makers, with 60 accents and phrases that allow you to add vibes to your melodys that you might not have known could exist.
  • Enhance your melodies with a few simple clicks
  • Create faster than ever before, start with something simple and level up seamlessly
  • Generate ideas and spark creativity with ease

Atmoshphere Percussion Loop Pack
  • Drums have never been easier to make. The Atmoshpere Loop Pack introduces 30 Drum loops that spark creativity and speed up the beat making proccess
  • Half of your beat is already done: Full drum loops to speed up your workflow
  • New wave: These aren't ordinary, out dated trap drums. These are up to date and ready to dominate the new era
  • More beats: Allow yourself to work freely and create more than you ever have in the past

"Beat Finalizers" Essentials Pack
  • Patch your beat together with transitions, risers and textures that allow you to add movement and feel. The Beat Finalizers Essentials Pack is packed with everything you'll need to elevate the "seen but not heard" part of your beat.
  • 20 Risers to build hype and create meaningful drops
  • 30 Transitions to add movement and character to your beats
  • 20 Textures used to create depth to melodies and samples

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