Udemy Setting the Table: Bridging Sound and Connection [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Setting the Table: Bridging Sound and Connection
P2P | 02 November 2023 | 6.7 GB
Nathan Peterson's "Setting the Table" is a masterclass which goes beyond the technicalities of audio engineering, to create genuine connection between performer and audience.

This course provides the philosophical underpinnings for truly excelling in the audio engineering field, making meaningful connections through sound.

With over 25 years of experience, Nathan guides you through practical steps and a transformative philosophy that simplifies audio engineering, making it accessible and impactful.

Learn a fresh, unique approach to audio engineering with Nathan Peterson's 'Setting the Table.' Explore the signal chain, from microphone to speaker, and learn how to faithfully reproduce sound to foster a genuine connection between performer and audience.

  • Understand the audio signal chain and its components.
  • Learn practical skills in setting up microphones, direct boxes, gain, EQ, compression, and effects.
  • Gain knowledge on speaker selection, placement, and room acoustics treatment.
  • Gain insight into preventing and managing feedback.
  • Gain confidence in running audio technology to create a balanced and clear sound mix.
  • Learn a unique philosophy of audio engineering to facilitate genuine connection through sound.

"I have been a music director for over 15 years and have never worked with an audio professional like Nathan. His results speak for themselves, but what really sets him apart is his personal and demystifying approach." —Greg Molina, Music Director

"We sounded and felt better performing, because we sounded and felt more like ourselves. But more than that, we knew why and how to sustain and nurture it week after week." —Geoff Mills, Arts Team Leader

"Nathan helped us with the technical struggles we were having as well as the relational ones. We came away from our time with him feeling bonded as a group and centered once again." —Alison Meuth, Arts Director

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