The Crossings: Defining Slave to the Rhythm (Elements in Popular Music)

The Crossings: Defining Slave to the Rhythm (Elements in Popular Music)
English | ISBN: 1009454439 | 2023 | 75 pages | PDF | 3 MB
The album Slave to the Rhythm is typical of the exaltation of pop stars but atypical in its presentation and interaction with biographical material. Three crossings are considered in this assessment of the work: technological, cultural, and structural.

These are presented with a detailed track-by-track analysis using a range of signal processing techniques, some adapted specifically for this project. This Element focuses on the combination of digital, novel, and analogue technology that was used, and the organisational and transformational treatments of recorded material it offered, along with their associated musical cultures. The way in which studio technology functions, and offers interaction with its users, has a direct influence over the sound of the music that is created with it. To understand how that influence is manifested in Slave, there is considerable focus on the development and use of music technology.

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