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Pretty much all modern recorded music requires the use of compressors to ‘even out’ the difference between the loudest and quietest parts of audio fed in to them

In this course, we’ll look at single band and multiband compressors; whilst also looking at limiters.

Additionally, we’ll look at upward as well as downward compression.

Downward compression is the main type of compression utilised in studios.

However, upward compression can add extra warmth and depth to recordings.

Compressors and limiters are music production tools that reduce the difference between the quietist and loudest parts of any audio file we use.

They allow us to control levels so we get louder, more professional sounding mixes

Here, we’ll explain the basic controls of audio compressors, different compressor types, and give you tips to try with your music and / or spoken word recordings.

Compressors are one of the most important effects to understand when recording professional audio.

When used correctly, they can make our audio sound punchy, balanced, and louder.

However, over-compressing audio can squeeze the life out of recordings.

Watching this course will give you a good grasp of compression and his to use it intelligently.

This course has been designed to introduce newcomers to recording professionally with compression

In this ESSENTIAL STUDIO TECHNIQUES course, you’ll learn how to use audio compressors quickly and clearly.

Every audio producer, engineer or modern musician knows how important audio compression is to get vocals and instruments balanced in a mix.

However, understanding compressors can be a challenge at first without information and direction.

What do compressors do?

They enhance a project by creating more weight, control and clarity to a mix

As this ESSENTIAL STUDIO TECHNIQUES course progresses, you see, hear and appreciate audio compression principles and become totally confident using them appropriately.

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