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Isotonik Studios Alexkid Sequencer Bundle [Max for Live]

Isotonik Studios Alexkid Sequencer Bundle
P2P | 22 November 2023 | 130 KB
Introducing Our New Bundle: PEACH and POLYLLOP - Unleash Polyrhythmic Creativity, Once Again!

? PEACH - Your Polyrhythmic Arpeggiator Extraordinaire

Prepare to be charmed by the rhythmic enchantment of PEACH, our latest Max4Live creation. An iteration and development of our previous creations, PEACH goes beyond the typical arpeggiator, offering polyrhythmic twists and features that are set to enhance your music production experience. It's simple, extremely inspiring, and hard to stop using it when one starts! Dare we say it is probably one of our best devices?

? POLYLLOP - Polyphonic Polyrhythmic Sequencing

POLYLLOP builds upon our established polyrhythmic architecture, now with polyphony! This new sequencer offers four layers of polyrhythmic sequencing, each with a maximum of eight steps. It's like having four hands playing different-length melodies, giving your compositions a creative edge. Spark your creativity, experiment with complex rhythmic layers with unprecedented simplicity. Simplicity Meets Effectiveness: POLYLLOP's generative possibilities and forced scales provide a platform for effortless experimentation, resulting in unexpected and delightful musical surprises.

Unleash the Power of PEACH and POLYLLOP and get a great dose of playful inspiration.

From Italo Disco Arpeggios to Techno Polyrhythms, from Progressive House themes to Detroit-influenced melodies or Ambient counterpoints, our new dynamic duo is here to inspire your musical journey with great effectiveness. Explore the endless potential of polyrhythmic creativity with PEACH and POLYLLOP. It's a small bundle, but what a powerful duo!

Complete your collection now.

NOTE: Ableton Live (10 or Above) and Max4Live 8 are essential to run the plug-ins. These are not VSTs, and are not included in the "Everything Bundle".

Developer: Alexkid
Compatibility: Live 10.1 +
OS: Windows & MacOS
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential , Ableton live 10+

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