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Nasko N-CLIP [M4L] [Max for Live]

Nasko N-CLIP [M4L]
FANTASTiC | 27 November 2023 | 137 KB
N-CLIP is a lightweight variable soft clipper with adjustable dB ceiling, allowing for quick and easy clipping at desired dB peak values.

Clipping off transients or peaks from signals that aren't clipping at 0dB is often very desirable.

This can help with mixing as you can keep the perceived loudness of a signal while lowering peak dB values.

N-CLIP lets you do this with the ceiling threshold with a range of +6db down to -infdB.

Ableton Live does not have a native threshold based clipper with different soft clipping modes, giving N-CLIP a good reason to become part of your mixing and creative sound design arsenal!

Note: dB values can be TYPED by clicking on the ceiling bar and typing in your desired dB value.


CEILING: Adjusts the threshold of the Clipper. Ranges from +6dB down to -infdB.
DRIVE: Increases the input gain into the clipper.
SOFT: Adjusts the softness of the clipper. Increasing this will reduce high frequency distortion by gradually saturating into the ceiling. 0% is hard clipping and 100% is full soft clipping.

N-CLIP v1.1 for MAX FOR LIVE 11.13.3

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