Acustica Audio Aquamarine 5 2023 [WiN]

Acustica Audio Aquamarine 5
Team R2R | 27 November 2023 | 272.4 MB
Aquamarine5 is a high-end mastering and mixing plugin suite which includes a monster compressor - sampled from one of the most highly regarded units on the market - featuring a smooth and warm sounding Opto comp section and a punchy, discrete VCA-style dynamic processor which can go from a subtle 1.2:1 ratio to savage 'Flood' limiting.

A vintage passive EQ from the 1950s
Aquamarine5 includes an astoundingly precise recreation of an American ultra-rare passive equalizer from the '50s. And when we say 'ultra-rare' we say it for a reason. The owner of this unit, which was sampled in Berlin, explained how only a few of these beasts - possibly less than 5 - can still be found in good working order. We don't know how the others sound like compared to the one we are bringing you this time and if they present any differences due to component variations or simply due to maintenance. What we know, though, is that the DNA of Aquamarine's EQ is the same as the one found in its hardware counterpart.
We did it again
We have elevated the Aquamarine Compressor to new heights with the release of its 5th version, incorporating new features that enhance its accuracy and integrating it with our cutting-edge Hyper technology.
New features
Improved audio quality thanks to the oversampling inside the compressor.
New "Hyper" engine.
New Input - Output - GR meters with numerical values.
Numerical value parameters of the compressor.
Various optimizations and graphical improvements.
Resizable interface (for both Comp and EQ)
new additional buttons (Bypass LR and DELTA) to the compressor.
new SATU knob on compressor (Range: 0, +24). Note: input trim acts only on compressor.
added Bypass button to the Aquamarine EQ.

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