Standalone-Music 7 SKIES DIVYNE Melodic Techno Presets [Synth Presets]

Standalone-Music 7 SKIES DIVYNE Melodic Techno Presets
P2P | 28 November 2023 | 0.8 MB
Already in the hands of artists such as Mind Against, David Guetta, KSHMR and more DIVYNE Melodic Techno Diva presets is a collection of 120 superior sounds for the famous Diva vst plugin by U-he.

Carefully designed and engineered by 7 SKIES (Spinnin, Musical Freedom, Anjunabeats), this pack explores the sonic capabilities of Diva and takes them to the next level for a melodic-techno preset pack that will not just take your tracks to new heights but will also inspire you to create more ideas and get you excited to start new projects!

AR - Awareness
AR - Crossroads
AR - Grarpity
AR - Massive
AR - Recoil
AR - Robotalk
AR - The Sign
AR - Trust
AR - Wanna Dance
AR - Warmpeggio
AR - Woody
BA - 7 SKIES Sub
BA - All OSC
BA - Analog Attack
BA - Arpmaster 3k
BA - AssaSine
BA - Big Fat Plucky Bass
BA - Bijou
BA - Bite
BA - Broken Saw
BA - Coneshaker
BA - DigiBass
BA - DigiBass 2
BA - Donk
BA - Dusty
BA - Eight O Eight
BA - Elastic
BA - Fall & Rise
BA - Fall into The LFO
BA - From The Deep
BA - Juicy
BA - Juno Drone
BA - Lethal
BA - Mid Meat
BA - Monsters in Detroit
BA - Newton
BA - One Gritty Mofo
BA - Plank
BA - Plastiky
BA - Pond
BA - Pulsar
BA - Reese
BA - Reset
BA - Satisfied
BA - Sequential
BA - Simply Effective
BA - Spark
BA - Stick Out Sub
BA - Subatomik
BA - Subby Sub
BA - Super Deep
BA - That 90s Bass
BA - The Big One
BA - Top Bass.h2p
BA - Whadda Bass
CH - Element
CH - Pump it up
CH - Smooth
CH - Techno Stab 1
CH - Technoid
LD - 7 SKIES Future Stab
LD - 24k
LD - After
LD - After 2
LD - Afterlife
LD - Arrival
LD - Bees
LD - Berliner
LD - Boss
LD - Crumbles
LD - Dirty Saw
LD - Diva is Broken
LD - Dreamcast
LD - Dreamland
LD - Eternal
LD - Everything is Kinda Random
LD - Fake Supersaw
LD - Future Trance
LD - Gravity Lead
LD - Highs & Lows
LD - It's Yours
LD - Jp8k
LD - Melodic
LD - Metro
LD - Modulator
LD - Opra
LD - Push
LD - Remanence
LD - Rotterdam
LD - Sting
LD - Take Me away
LD - Techno Growl
LD - Technomaster
LD - Unstable
LD - Voltage
LD - X-Plore
PD - Airwave
PD - Alba
PD - Binary
PD - Evolution
PD - Raindrops
PD - Simple digits
PD - Tell Me About You
PD - Tension
PD - Total Recall
PD - Unpredictable
PL - Crisis
PL - Feelings
PL - Gabriel
PL - Mellow
PL - Once a Clavinet
PL - Phonky 1
PL - Phonky 2
PL - Pulsar
PL - Rattle
PL - Resident Evil
PL - Shaper
PL - Skieswalk
PL - Sneaky
PL - Sqwhere
PL - Trancy
PL - Vanguard
SQ - Shaker 1
SQ - Shaker 2
SQ - The Chruch
SQ - The Mystery

Included in this pack :

44 Basses
36 Leads
17 Plucks
11 Arps
10 Pads
5 Chords
4 Sequences

Diva never sounded so good

Our presets are regularly used by some of the biggest names in melodic techno, so we are confident that these presets will help you take your music to the same sonic level as the best producers in the scene right now.

Shape Your Sounds Quickly And Easily

Every preset extensively uses the modulation wheel, delivering powerful morphings of the presets.
Making your bass brighter or dirtier and having your leads evolve into a more complex or organic sound is as easy and quick as moving your mod wheel.

Compatible with every DAW
As well as Mac and PC

Every Standalone-Music presets pack (including this one) is perfect for any DAW no matter what you use.
As far as you own u-he Diva, these sounds will be compatible with any DAW including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One, Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, Reason and more.

Used by the Pros!
Join the Elite!

We are known to be professional producers first choice!
Our presets and samples are constantly supported by Grammy award winner producers and artists such as Tiesto, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, KSHMR, and many others.
Now your music can finally have the same hi-quality sounds the pros use.

In order to use this Presets Pack you must have DIVA 1.2092

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