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PastToFutureReverbs Electric Guitar To Jazz Guitar Converter!

PastToFutureReverbs Electric Guitar To Jazz Guitar Converter!
P2P | 01 December 2023 | 1.67 MB
Have you ever dreamed of changing your Strat or Les-Paul sound into an archtop jazz guitar?

With our new IR's it is possible and it sounds like the real deal.

Just with one IR it will change the sound of your Strat/Les-Paul into a Gibson Super 400 Jazz-Guitar.

And we went one step further and included a vintage Polytone Amp into the chain.

That means; with one IR, it will change your electric guitar into a Super 400 Jazz guitar recorded via Polytone amp!

We used the neck pick up of our Stratocaster & Les-Paul in our examples. They were recorded D.I. and after that the Jazz guitar IR's were added.

Please use the IR's with 100% WET & 0% DRY! And lower the main out signal on your IR Player/Convolution Reverb if the levels are too hot.

You will get 12 IR's in this Pack (For Strat & Les-Paul)

(With & without Polytone Amp in the chain)

We worked very long on this new technology to get it right!

We hope you´ll enjoy them!

96kHz & 44,1kHz Wav Files

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