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Joey Sturgis Tones Conquer All Volume V Impulse Response Pack

Joey Sturgis Tones Conquer All Volume V Impulse Response Pack
P2P | 04 December 2023 | 9.05 MB
Redefine your guitar tone and conquer the mix with Conquer All Volume V Impulse Responses.

Expand your tonal palette and add some unique character with these heavy hitters, right at your fingertips!

Conquer All Volume V features over 150 WAV file Impulse Responses created using some of the most legendary speaker, cabinet, mic, preamp, and poweramp combinations.


150+ IRs delivered as WAV files (including Raw & EQd files).
5 unique setups with 28 individuals IRs for each setup.
Can be easily loaded directly into any Toneforge plugin.
Created using tube poweramps to capture the harmonic characteristics present in analog gear.
Compatible with most digital profiling and modeling hardware units.
From Marshall's famous gutsy midrange punch, to the defined note projection of Bogner, Conquer All Volume V gives you a range of easy-to-use tonal options.

These impulse responses are great for:

Live use with your favorite modeler or profiler.
Loading into an attenuator or load box for silent recording of your favorite tube amp.
Getting a fresh sound from your favorite amp sim.
Reamping existing tones.
And mixing your guitars with the right tonal balance.

Gear Used

5 unique guitar cabinets and speaker combinations:

Bogner 412SL cab with a Celestion Greenback speaker
Bogner 412SL cab with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
Marshall 1960B cab with a Celestion H Creamback speaker
Marshall 1960B cab with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
Marshall 1960A cab with a Celestion G12T-75 speaker

Preamps used:

API A2D mic preamp
Aurora Audio GTQ 2 hot rodded 1073 mic preamp

Mics used:

Shure SM57 mic
Off axis Share SM57 to mix with other 57 for “Fredman” technique
Beyerdynamic M201 mic
Vintage Sennheiser MD421 U5 mic
Vintage Shure 545 Unidyne mic
Sennheiser E906 mic
Shure SM7b mic

Poweramps used:

EL34 power amp of Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100 head
6L6 power amp of Peavey 6505


Any IR Loader, or Toneforge plugin with built-in IR Loader support.
A DAW installed for hosting an IR loading plugin and amp simulator

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