Nasko N-REESE [Synth Presets]

FANTASTiC | 05 December 2023 | 466 KB
N-REESE is an audio-effect reese generator that intelligently layers with any incoming signal!

This rack can be fully controlled with the snap heap rack macros or be controlled via MIDI input including glide functionality using MPE.

N-REESE generates a new sine-saw oscillator on top of to the incoming signal, effectively replacing the lowend.

The summed signal is then fed into a frequency shifting process that tracks and generates the phase cancellation that we recognize from detuning a classic oscillator.

On top of using this system, the input signal gets ringmodded by the generated low frequency oscillator, resulting in distortion like behavior without the harshness of generated inharmonics.

N-REESE also features distortion, a noise generator, pitch-shifter follow behavior for the PITCH macro and a key-tracked midi-tracked notch filter!

Within the rack you have access to the NOTE selector remap, making it easy to choose the note you want the reese generator to play.

  • [C0-B0]: Lets you choose the standalone note being played.
  • SINE -> SAW: Morphs between sine and saw harmonics for the reese oscillator.
  • PITCH: +- 24 Semitone Pitch Bend. This affects the detune, reese oscillator pitch and incoming signal pitch.
  • DETUNE: Increases the frequency shifter based phase cancellation detuning. Tracks pitch changes. This macro is bipolar, offering 2 different methods with the same amount of detune.
  • NOTCH: A dynamic notch filter, keytracked via midi input.
  • NOISE AMT: Additional Noise generator for input signals that lack in high frequency content.
  • REESE: Overall dry to wet blend. This macro is bipolar, offering additional distortion and processing for the second half of the macro.

REQUIREMENTS (Some plugins need to be owned, others only need to be installed):
  • Need to own: Snap Heap (v2.1.0 or higher)
  • Needs to be installed: Slice EQ, Disperser, Multipass, Kilohearts Essentials (30 Free Snapins)

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